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Why I think this is important

There are some really good insights in here from our sisters and brothers across town. This feels like Agile within Agile, a #leadership #agile Matryoshka doll of methodologies.

‘Velocity has value for understanding output, but the Accelerate metrics map to outcomes with evidence to support organizational performance. Having multiple teams focus on consistent measurement like these metrics is a way to ensure that managers can compare notes between teams and more easily identify when teams need intervention.

Consistent measurement isn’t a case for holding every team within a company to the same standard for “good.” For example, deployment frequency might vary by team based on different contexts like the size of a team or the nature of their product. But the use of consistent metrics can be a way to benchmark an individual’s team against their own previous performance, and tracking the history can allow teams and managers to more easily understand where optimization is needed.’

4 years ago Don Bora (he/him/his) Co-founder | Partner | Technology Eight Bit Studios View Bookshelf
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